Registering with SAS

Note: This information is for students new to SAS. Returning students can find information regarding re-activating accommodations by visiting the Students: How To page.

The information and documents contained here are intended to make registering with SAS as easy as possible. There are 4 steps laid out below, as well as some important information organized by section headers.

  1. Contact Us to book an Intake Appointment with an SAS Program Coordinator.
  2. Print and complete the Intake Package and bring them to your Intake Appointment with your Program Coordinator.
  3. If you do not already have a medical form in support of academic accommodations the SAS Medical Documentation Form can be printed and taken to your health care provider to complete for submission to SAS at your Intake Appointment.
  4. What to bring to your first appointment:
    • The 3 above documents filled out (Confidentiality Agreement, Consent Form, and Self Assessment)
    • Current documentation or the SAS Medical Documentation Form.


When To Book An Appointment

Book an appointment well in advance of the need for academic accommodations. In order to process your accommodation requests timely it is important that you book an Intake Appointment prior or as early in the school year as possible.
If interpreters, CART (captioning), Braille texts, attendants, or other personalized support are required, incoming students are strongly encouraged to make contact with SAS prior to registration for classes. This is extremely important as it can take time to ensure all arrangements are in place for the beginning of classes in the fall.


Prepare for Your First Appointment

  • Fill out our Intake Package.
  • If applicable, apply to OSAP as a first step for eligibility for the Bursary for Students With Disabilities (BSWD).
  • Familiarize yourself with Shifting Gears, our transition program.



  • You are not required to disclose your diagnosis in order to register for services; however, this information can be helpful in completing a thorough assessment for accommodation and support needs.
  • Temporary disabilities (e.g. significant or ongoing for the foreseeable future) may be accommodated through our office.
  • Where appropriate a psycho-educational assessment may be sufficient to determine accommodations.

Documentation Requirements:

  • Bring documentation you may have explaining the nature of your disability, and how that impacts your academic functioning. See the information below for more detailed documentation information.
  • If you do not currently possess documentation related to your disability please print and take the SAS Medical Documentation Form to your health care provider to complete.
  • Students with disabilities seeking academic accommodations may be required to provide SAS with written documentation from a registered health care professional who is an independent, impartial individual.
  • The health care professional should clearly indicate that you have been diagnosed with, or are undergoing medical assessment for, a disability diagnosis.
  • As noted above, disclosure of the diagnosis to SAS is at your discretion, but can be helpful in determining the most appropriate academic accommodation plan.
  • Documentation should clearly outline functional limitations to daily activities as they relate to academic performance.
  • You may, from time to time, be asked to provide updated or more thorough documentation from your health care provider to ensure existing academic accommodations continue to meet your needs.
  • Where necessary, SAS may seek your permission to consult directly with your health care provider for clarification of any academic accommodation needs.
Disability Documentation Validation Practitioner
Learning Disability Full Psycho-educational Assessment Within Last Five Years^ Psychiatrist


Psychological Associate

Autism Spectrum Disorders Full Psycho-educational Assessment Within Last Five Years^ Psychiatrist


Psychological Associate

ADD/ADHD Psycho-educational Assessment

Medical Report*

Within Last Five Years^ Psychiatrist


Psychological Associate

Family Physician

Mental Health
SAS In-House Form

Mental Health Assessment

Doctor’s Letter

Within Last Five Years^ Psychiatrist


Family Physician

Or other as appropriate

Acquired Brain
Neuro-psychological Assessment Within Last Five Years^ Neurologist


CNIB Registration Number**

Doctor’s Letter

CNIB Registration Date,
or Within Last Five Years^



Family Physician

of Hearing
Full Audiology Report

Doctor’s Letter

Within Last Five Years^ Audiologist

Family Physician

Central Auditory
Processing Disorder
Audiology Report Within Last Five Years^ Audiologist

Family Physician

Chronic Medical
SAS In-House Form

Medical Assessment

Doctor’s Letter

Within Last Five Years^ Family Physician

Specialist Physician

Physical Disability SAS In-House Form

Medical Assessment

Doctor’s Letter

Within Last Five Years^ Family Physician

Specialist Physician

^ – Documentation normally within the last five years, but will be evaluated case by case

* – Should outline history, areas of weakness, strengths, and difficulties

** – If legally blind

Meeting with a Program Coordinator

You and your Coordinator will work out an accommodation plan together. Specific supports will be offered and, if required, academic accommodations put in place.



SAS takes confidentiality seriously and complies with relevant information privacy legislation. Direct contact with parents on accommodation-related matters will take place only with the express consent of the student. See our Confidentiality Statement found in our Intake Package, for more information.

Crisis Resources

Are you in crisis? You don’t have to deal with it alone—there are people here that can help.

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Opportunities and Events

Join us for our September events!

Welcome Back Breakfast – Wednesday September 20th, drop-in betwee, 9:30am – 11:30am

Join us for a FREE hot breakfast, meet other students, SAS staff and learn about upcoming events. RSVP today! Available to the first 100 students.

SAS Refresher – Thursday, September 21st 1:00 – 3:00pm
A recap on booking tests, navigating Avenue and Mosaic, and submitting accommodation letters.

Alpine Tower & Bonfire – Tuesday September 26th, 4:30pm – Alpine Climb, 7:30pm - Bonfire

Join us for the alpine tower climb (RSVP required) or join us after for a bonfire (no RSVP required). This is the first of our monthly social events – stay tuned for more!

Time Management Workshop – Thursday September 28th, 1:30 – 2:30pm

Joanne, our Learning Strategist, presents some tips on how to better manage your time to help balance your school life.

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