Disability Awareness

Student Accessibility Services has engaged in disability awareness activities on campus for more than 25 years. Disability Awareness can be a series of events throughout the school year.

The goal of these activities is to promote disability awareness and accessibility, and to educate McMaster students, faculty and staff on issues faced by persons with disabilities. Activities can showcase talents of people with disabilities to challenge the myths and barriers surrounding disability and impairment.

For more information you may contact us at csdmpa@mcmaster.ca.

Poster Campaigns

2016-2017: Humans of McMaster

2015-2016: Strive for Accessibility and Inclusion

2014–2015: Break the Silence

2013–2014: Have You Ever

2012–2013: Engineering

2011–2012: Attitude

2010–2011: Recognize Disability, Emphasize Possibility

2007–2008: Awareness is Key to Understanding


2005–2006: The Empowered

2004–2005: Embracing Diversity