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  1. Accommodations Inquiries
  2. Receiving and Acknowledging Student Accommodations Online
  3. Notetaking
    • Recruiting Notetakers
  4. In-Class Test & Midterm Accommodations
    • Scheduling of Class Tests or Exams
  5. Registrar Supervised Final Exam Accommodations
  6. Alternate Text Formats
  7. Classroom Accommodations
  8. Memory Aid/Formula Sheet
    • What is a Memory Aid/Formula Sheet?
    • Memory Aid/Formula Sheet Approval Process

Accommodation Inquiries – MAKE PAGE

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Receiving and Acknowledging Student Accommodations Online – PAGE MADE

*Note: The process as described below is a revision of our system effective as of September 2017.

*Note: Students must first activate academic accommodations online. Paper copies of academic accommodation letters may still be available to students, but only after online activation.

*Note: Student accommodation lists are sent weekly on Fridays via email for each course. Individual student accommodations are not sent, but rather included in this weekly bulk email.

*Note: The following notes are very important for instructors to be aware of in the student academic accommodation self-registering process.

*Note: If you receive a notification email stating you have accommodations to review and after logging in, your list appears blank please contact Ron Schneidersmann (link to his email with subject line: Blank student list) as there is a glitch in the system. This is caused by a delay in the Faculty uploading instructor information. When it is not uploaded, SAS has to manually add the information to grant the student access. Once the Faculty enters instructor information it is automatically sent to our system where it conflicts with the manually added information.  

The following option is recommended if you are instructing multiple courses, as you will be able to see all courses at once:

The following option shows you all accommodations for a specific course:

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Notetaking – MAKE PAGE

Because of their disability, some students may experience difficulty in taking class notes independently, or may not be able to take notes at all. Instructors can assist by including a request on course syllabi for volunteer notetakers to register on the SAS website. Instructors may also make notes available to the entire class after lecture online, through Avenue to Learn.

Students with disabilities may need one or more of the following notetaking options, which all students may benefit from:

Recruiting Notetakers

To recruit student volunteers as notetakers in a class, SAS can provide information on an overhead, a PowerPoint slide or a PDF version.

For other formats, please email

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In-Class Test & Midterm Accommodations – MAKE PAGE

Scheduling of Class Tests or Exams

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Registrar Supervised Final Exam Accommodations – MAKE PAGE

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Alternate Text Formats

Some students with a print disability (i.e., students who cannot read, see, or manipulate print on paper) may require textbooks in a format alternate to print (e.g., Braille, MP3, PDF, Word)

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It is the responsibility of students to meet with you, preferably in your office during office hours or by appointment, to discuss accommodations to assist with their successful completion of the course. These accommodations may include in-class supports. Listed are some common accommodation types and general best practices to follow.

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Memory Aid/Formula Sheet – MAKE PAGE

What is a Memory Aid/Formula Sheet?

Memory Aid Approval Procedure

  1. Your student must discuss with you the need for a memory aid, and its possible content well in advance of the scheduled date for the class test/exam.
  2. The student then books his or her test/exam.
  3. Your student must compose the draft memory aid and submit it to you for review and any amendment a minimum of 5 business days in advance of the scheduled test/exam.
  4. You must submit the final version of the memory aid with a copy of the test/exam to be written two days in advance of the scheduled test/exam (please note that the timeline for submitting the final memory aid may be different for the Office of the Registrar).
  5. Additional Note: The memory aid should be contained in the envelope with the completed test/exam. If not, you may want to consult with either SAS Tests or the Office of the Registrar.

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Last Updated: August 2 2019