MacSTART (Formerly Ally Program)

Volunteer for MacSTART

Our MacSTART volunteers are instrumental in helping students with disabilities navigate and transition into university. You can help by:

 Providing information:

  • McMaster HSR bus routes
  • Library services (physical and electronic resources, LAS, study spaces, and libraries)
  • Athletic and recreation services at McMaster
  • Online supports (McMaster website, MOSAIC, Avenue2Learn, etc.)
  • Campus services including clubs and committees
  • Local community information (favourite eateries, grocery stores, etc.)

Being an advocate: Discuss accommodations with McMaster instructors and staff.

Teaching skills: Share your tips for studying and time management.

Providing social support: Attend our monthly events with your MacSTART partner! This is a great opportunity to network with others and build positive relationships.

What you’ll gain in return is knowledge about the disability field with training and ongoing professional development related to your role, experience applicable to graduate and professional programs, and personal growth and satisfaction from helping others.

The Process:

  1. Submit application: MacSTART volunteer application. Send completed application or accessible format request to
  2. Interview: Meet with the Transition Program Coordinator to ensure your goals align with this rewarding program
  3. Orientation & Training: Learn the skills to be a supportive MacSTART volunteer. Training is offered in late August
  4. Match with SAS Student: Meet with your match regularly throughout the school year



Online Services Outage July 18th

Online services including: Schedule an in-class test, mid-term or quiz; Book an Appointment; Course Notes etc.; unavailable between 2:15pm and 4pm on Thursday July 18th.

New SAS Site

SAS will be launching a redesigned website by the end of the summer.

Crisis Resources

Are you in crisis? You don’t have to deal with it alone—there are people here that can help.