Memory Aid/Formula Sheet

What is a Memory Aid/Formula Sheet?

Memory aids/formula sheets are testing accommodations to support students who have challenges with memory. Memory aids give students an equal opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge in a test/exam by lessening the impact of their disability. The accommodation is not intended to reduce academic requirements or alter the standards by which academic performance is assessed. A student’s Program Coordinator in Student Accessibility Services will determine if a memory aid is an appropriate accommodation.

A memory aid is typically an 8 1/2 by 11″ piece of paper that can be handwritten or typed in 10 or 12 point font. It can include diagrams, mind maps, general formulas, acronyms, pictures, etc. It can be organized chronologically, or by module or chapter. It makes sense only to the student who created it and will use it. It includes only the information the student cannot remember and triggers to retrieve it. The contents of a memory aid are at the instructor’s discretion and should not run contrary to the essential requirements of the course. Download a handout on memory aids (PDF) that may be helpful.


Memory Aid/Formula Sheet Approval Process

First, the student must discuss the content of the memory aid/formula sheet with the instructor. The student then books his or her test/exam. The student creates a memory aid and then gives it to the instructor for editing and final approval at least 5 working days before the test/exam. The instructor approves the memory aid at least 2 working days before the test/exam. Once the memory aid is approved, the instructor attached it to the test/exam and submits it to SAS Tests (Commons Building B104, or via email to In the case of exams, to the Exams Office (GH 114). The memory aid will be returned with the completion of the test/exam.

Important Instructor Information: The Yellow File

The Yellow File is meant to provide instructors and the teaching team with basic information regarding students with disabilities, SAS and the academic accommodation process. This file is available for download here: SAS Yellow File 2017-2018.

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