Mohawk-McMaster Final Exams

Important Notes

  • For Mohawk College nursing courses, all students requiring accommodations for final exams must contact Mohawk College ALS directly, to ensure accommodation arrangements. This information should be clearly identified in your course syllabus.
  • For McMaster nursing courses the procedure noted below will apply.
  • For other Mohawk programs (B.Tech and Medical Radiation) the procedures noted below apply.
  • The University requires 10 business days in order to activate accommodations for final exams. You must ensure that academic accommodations are activated at the beginning of each term in order to ensure final exam accommodations are in place and to avoid any delays due to late activation.
  • If you have any concerns about your accommodated exam schedule on MOSAIC, contact your SAS Program Coordinator.
  • Not using exam accommodations: If you expect to write final exams with your class and not use your accommodations, email to cancel your accommodations immediately. Otherwise, a $50 no-show fee may be applied to your student account (see the No-Show Policy for more information).
  • Cancelling an exam: If you are unable to write an exam due to circumstances related to your disability, please provide a minimum of one full business day as notice to cancel (see the No-Show Policy).
  • If you cancel a course after your accommodated exam timetable has been posted on MOSAIC you must notify SAS of that course cancellation, otherwise you could be charged a No-Show fee.
  • Exams can be arranged by either the Registrar’s office or by your course instructor. We say that an exam is “instructor supervised” or “Registrar supervised”.
  • The process of arranging accommodations for an instructor supervised exam is different from a Registrar supervised exam.
  • Accommodated final exam schedules are viewable on MOSAIC once they are posted.
  • The Exam Type for each exam listed will say either “Accomm.” or “Regular”.
  • “Accomm.” means that it is a Registrar scheduled and supervised exam.
  • On your MOSAIC exam timetable an exam listed as “Regular” Exam Type with “Instructor Supervised” Exam Reason means that it is an instructor supervised exam.
  • If you see “Instructor Supervised” as an Exam Reason beside one of your exams, contact SAS Tests to book.
  • Initial final exam timetables in MOSAIC will not have accommodated exams posted. The accommodated schedule is released at a later date, closer to the beginning of exams.
  • Accommodated exam schedules will be posted only for those students who have successfully completed their self-registration.

Final Exam Procedure

Last Updated: June 13 2019