Mohawk-McMaster Class Tests

Important Notes

  • If you are enrolled in a Mohawk College nursing course (this should be clearly stated on your course syllabus) you must make arrangements directly with Mohawk Accessible Learning Services, for all class tests (midterms) and final exams.
  • For McMaster nursing courses all class test accommodations should be arranged through the procedures noted below. All final exams should be arranged per the procedures noted on the ‘Final Exams’ page.
  • For other Mohawk programs (B.Tech and Medical Radiation) the procedures noted below apply.
  • It is best that class tests be booked online a minimum of two weeks in advance of the scheduled date of the test for the class. We strongly encourage you to book online, all class tests, for all courses at the beginning of each term.
  • Any request to book a test less than two weeks before the scheduled class test date can result in a delay in booking.
  • You must first activate accommodations before any class test can be booked. This must be done for each term.
  • If you are booking a test with SAS which requires course specific software, you must get all details related to that software from your instructor, then confirm with SAS upon booking.

Last Updated: June 21 2019