Mosaic Integration

NEW – Instructors can access SAS accommodation plans in Mosaic

This NEW feature in Mosaic will be available on September 8th, 2021.

See below for detailed instructions:

  1. Log in to Mosaic using your regular sign-in credentials.
  2. Click on the Faculty Center tile:

  1. Click on “My Students w/ Accommodations”:

  1. Click on the magnifying class for Term and select the current term (e.g., 2219 – 2021 Fall):

  1. Click “View Results” to see the students in your classes with Accommodations. They will be sorted by Accommodation type. There may be several rows per student, one per accommodation. These may be in different areas of the file if a student has accommodations of different types.

  1. There is also an option on this screen to download the results to Excel. Results can be sorted as desired once in Excel format.

This is a dynamic report, as students activate their accommodation plans during the term. Please note that there will be updates as SAS approves students requests of accommodations. Please always refer to Mosaic and/or download the most up to date report to plan for student accommodations.

You will continue to receive individual accommodation letters from the SAS instructor portal. This report is for your convenience to see a quick view of your students’ accommodations.

Below is an explanation of accommodation types, for your reference:

  • In-class accommodation: this group of accommodations mainly relate to in-class teaching or accommodations that require discussions with the instructor or approval. Instructors are mainly responsible for the implementation of these accommodations.
  • Test accommodation: this group of accommodations is mainly related to testing planning. SAS test is mainly responsible for the implementation of these accommodations. Instructors must provide test dates and times to the SAS test centre for implementation.
  • Alternate format: this group of accommodations requires collaboration in the implementation of accommodations. SAS will connect the students with the respective services. Assistive technology consultants will reach out to instructors for additional information as needed.
  • Placement/lab Accommodation: this group of accommodations requires implementation from the program administrator or instructors.

When downloading the report in excel format, you have options to use this report to sort out the types of information you are looking for.

  • When sorting by accommodation types, (i.e., In-class accommodations) you will see all students who received in-class accommodations. You will see repeat names if students have more than one in-class accommodation. For example, a student may have in class accommodations for extension on assignments and an alternative for class discussion.
  • When sorting by student number, you will see all accommodations they receive in this report. For example, student 001234567 receives in-class accommodations and test accommodations.
  • When sorting by specific accommodations, you will see the list of students who receive that accommodation. For example, extension on assignments, you will see a list of students receiving this accommodation.


Please contact if you require further assistance.