Student Accessibility Services publishes a number of documents providing overviews of our services, and detailed instructions on how to access them. For your benefit, we have provided Word/PDF versions of these documents. Please note that these PDFs are for printing purposes only, and all the information found on these documents can be located on the website in an accessible format.

Online Publications

2017-18 Undergraduate Calendar Description

Student Accessibility Services (SAS)
McMaster University Student Centre B107
Phone: 1-905-525-9140 x 28652
Skype: sas.mcmaster

Student Accessibility Services can review a variety of academic accommodations for any student with a disability. To establish their accommodation plans, students must meet with an SAS Program Coordinator and are encouraged to connect with SAS as soon as possible to ensure timely intake. Additional resources include: learning strategies, assistive technology, test and exam administration, note-taking, and transition support.

Print Publications

Faculty First-Year Information Guide

The information in this Word Doc was published in the Social Sciences First Year Information Guide. It pertains to any faculty publication that includes SAS.

Viewbook Information

The information in this Word Doc was published in the 2019-2020 McMaster Viewbook.

2018-2019 SAS Yellow File

The SAS Yellow File is distributed to instructors, serving as a reminder regarding the appropriate procedures for working with students requesting academic accommodations.

2018-2019 How to Register with SAS

This flyer was handed out during May @ Mac, and gave information on how to register with SAS.

Disability Awareness (2004-2017)

SAS has launched a number of poster campaigns throughout the years. Please visit the Disability Awareness page to access an archive of all our past posters.