In-Class Test & Midterm Accommodation Procedure

Important Notes

  • It is extremely important for you to check emails from SAS. Be sure to check your junk folder, as emails from SAS may sometimes be filtered to that folder.
  • Please be reminded it is inappropriate to speak with a student about any midterm, class test (or any other accommodation) in the presence of other students or in front of the class. All such conversation should be private.

Test Accommodations

  • Students need to have a conversation with you about test accommodations. If they do not in advance, it is reasonable to reach out to them directly and individually.
  • You will receive an auto generated email with the date, time and location of the test after the student has booked the test. It is extremely important to check emails incase there are problems with the booking.
  • The initial test booking confirmation email from SAS will include the student’s test accommodations.
  • Two follow-up reminder emails from SAS (7 and 2 days in advance of booking) will list all the students scheduled to write (without accommodation information).
  • Deliver a copy of the test 48 hours prior to the first scheduled test writing time.
  • It is essential that the test is delivered in the correct format as indicated in the student’s accommodations (e.g., large font or PDF).
  • Include details on the test such as duration and what aids are allowed. You are expected to provide information related to the test to both the student and SAS (e.g., if a calculator is allowed, or if spell check is disallowed).
  • If a memory aid is a provided accommodation, you must submit the approved memory aid with the copy of the test in advance of the booking (any questions related to a memory aid should be directed to the student’s SAS Program Coordinator.
  • If there is an error with the test, email the correction to and call ext. 24407.
  • Provide contact information for questions during a student’s test time (e.g., McMaster extension or cell phone number). 
    • This information is kept confidential from students.
  • Pick up the test at the SAS Testing Centre (Commons B104) within 5 business days after completion of the test. 
    • If you are authorizing a TA to pick up the test, you must inform the SAS Testing Centre
  • Identification will be requested when picking up completed tests for security purposes.

Scheduling of Class Tests or Exams

  • If a student requires an accommodation to move a test or exam due to a conflict (e.g., two tests/exams on the same day), the test/exam occurring second is typically rescheduled.
  • If the two tests/exams are happening at the same time on the same day, the one in which the class occurs later in the day/week would typically be moved.

Last Updated: August 9 2019