(Students) Online Proctoring

During this unprecedented time of change and adaptation I am writing to you, as your Program Coordinator within SAS to ensure that you have all you need to proceed with your academic accommodations in a virtual environment, including a virtual on-online testing environment.   

Please note that an instructor for your course(s) may elect to use Respondus-Online Proctoring as a resource for evaluation for quizzes, tests, and exams.   

As a registered student with SAS, I want to ensure that you are aware of the accommodation(s) and support resources that are put in place for you.  

Activate your accommodations at the beginning of each term (sas.mcmaster.ca > “Student Portal” > “Activate Accommodations”).

Once you have activated your accommodations, you will receive an individualized email outlining the type of accommodations you will receive.

GREEN: We expect extra time will be made available for online tests and exams based on students’ current accommodations.   

YELLOW: There may be some limitations around assistive software (e.g. Jaws, Echo 360, Kurzweil or Dragon) and the virtual proctoring software used for online exams.  Students who may be affected will receive additional information.  

RED: If in-person assistance is required in order to use a particular accommodationn, it may be necessary to defer the test or exam or alternate arrangements may need to be arranged to assist with your accommodated examination(s).  

There are additional consideration and consultation to be made to accommodate you during this exam period. Please contact SAS and book an appointment with your program coordinators to explore alternate arrangements. 

Connect with your instructor to ensure accommodations for tests/exams are implemented.

Email your professor/instructor at least 72 hours before each test/exam to remind them that you have accommodations.