Class Tests

Important Notes

  • It is best that class tests be booked online a minimum of two weeks in advance of the scheduled date of the test for the class. We strongly encourage you to book online, all class tests, for all courses at the beginning of each term.
  • Any request to book a test less than two weeks before the scheduled class test date can result in a delay in booking.
  • You must first activate accommodations before any class test can be booked. This must be done for each term.
  • If you are booking a test with SAS which requires course specific software, you must get all details related to that software from your instructor, then confirm with SAS upon booking.

How to Book a Class Test

  1. To book a test with the SAS Testing Centre, you must first have set up your accommodations with a Program Coordinator from SAS. If you have not done this, refer to the section on How to Set Up Accommodations.
  2. Next, consult with your instructor to see if they will administer your test while providing all of your required accommodations.
  3. If your instructor cannot provide your test accommodations, you can use the SAS Tests and Exams Centre by booking your tests using our online services.
  4. If you require the use of adaptive technology (e.g. Kurzweil) to write a test, your instructor will not likely have the technology available. So it may be best that your class tests be booked with SAS following communication with your instructor(s).
  5. Using the online booking system: Gather all of the following information:
    • – Your name & student number
      – Course name & code
      – Date & time your class writes
      – Duration of test for the class
      – Instructor name & email
      – Your list of test accommodations
    • Go to the SAS website homepage and select Student Portal
    • Select “Schedule an in-class test, mid-term or quiz”
    • Follow the “Schedule a in-class test, mid-term or quiz” link to start the process.
    • Log in with your McMaster ID and password (*Note: Be sure to allow pop-ups from this site)
    • Once the test booking is complete, you and your instructor will receive a confirmation email.
    • If you do not receive a confirmation email to your inbox, check your email junk box. If you still do not receive an email, then it is likely that your test was not successfully booked. If this happens, please follow the next step.
  6. If you are unable to successfully book using the online system, you must email the details listed in Step 5 above to before the two week deadline. If any of the details are missing, the test cannot be booked and may lead to delays.

Last Updated: August 9 2019