Student Portal

The Student Portal is the central hub for your accommodations at McMaster. We built the platform to empower you to take control of your accommodations. Register with SAS, book appointments with your program coordinator, activate your accommodations and more.

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First time coming to the Student Portal?

We recommend reviewing the Registration and Appointments page before you proceed.


How to use the Student Portal services

Request an intake appointment

Select this option when you need to register for accommodations through Student Accessibility Services. Refer to the Registration and Appointments page for more information.

Upload documentation

Select this option after you’ve requested an intake appointment to provide documentation on your disability. Refer to the Registration and Appointments page for more information. You’ll also find a medical documentation guide that tells you which type of information to provide based on your disability.

Note: We recommend using the Google Chrome or Firefox browser to upload documentation.

Book a follow-up appointment

Select this option if you need to book a follow-up appointment with your program coordinator after you’ve completed the registration process. Visit the Registration and Appointments page to learn more.

My appointments

Select this option to view your upcoming appointments or tests scheduled with SAS. If you need help remembering scheduled appointments or tests, we suggest adding them to your McMaster email calendar on Outlook.

Activate accommodations

Select this option after you’ve fully registered with Student Accessibility Services. Activating your accommodations means requesting that they’re applied to your current courses. You need to do this each term to ensure your accommodations are active.

The process for requesting accommodations depends on your student status: undergraduate student, continuing education student, graduate/Medicine student or Mohawk-McMaster student. Refer to the Accommodation Requests page for more information.