Welcome to Student Accessibility Services! We provide academic accommodations and related supports for students with disabilities at McMaster. We’re available to help you transition from high school or other post-secondary institutions with supports for undergraduate, continuing and graduate students.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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Our mission

We provide compassionate, individualized accessibility services for students with disabilities. This includes academic accommodations, programming and additional support services.

Our goal is to help students with disabilities meet their goals through full participation, independence, empowerment and equality.

Our philosophy

Our framework empowers students with disabilities to function independently and take charge of their accommodations. This includes allowing students to communicate directly with instructors and all other persons involved in the academic environment. We strongly believe that students who take responsibility for their disability-related needs build confidence and skills they can use throughout their life beyond university.

Our values

  • Individualized approach to academic accommodations to ensure accessible education
  • Intersectional understanding of accommodations and accessibility
  • Professional practices that embed principles of respect, fairness and transparency

Student Accessibility Services statements

Student Accessibility Services is an open and accepting environment. We fully respect individuals’ right to opinions and the expression of thoughts and ideas. Equally, all persons seeking support or assistance must demonstrate a high degree of dignity, respect and consideration for staff and all other persons involved.

We take confidentiality and privacy of student information seriously. This means that we won’t share your personal or disability-related information with any other person, unless as part of your academic accommodation process or with your expressed consent. We’ll only communicate with parents or family members on accommodation-related matters with your expressed consent.

We’re committed to respecting, supporting and celebrating the diversity of all people within the McMaster University community. Through providing academic accommodation-related supports, we strive to meet the needs of all members of the campus community, regardless of lived experiences or background. We aspire to be a comfortable and welcoming place where our service is safe and affirming.

We believe that all persons with disabilities have a meaningful place in everyday life and the McMaster University campus community in particular. We promote this inclusion through our everyday work and service delivery, helping to make the McMaster community a richer and more valued place for all.