Student Accessibility Services offers various supports for students with disabilities. We work with full-time and part-time students, as well as prospective students. Student Accessibility Services is offered to students with disabilities to assist with academic and disability-related needs, providing a number of supports, including:

Program Coordinator (Disability Specialist)

Program Coordinators guide students’ progress as it relates to their disability. Program Coordinators work together with students and faculty to determine the most appropriate accommodations that will best meet their needs. Considerations include disability, program, level, personal experience, and skills. Students should communicate accessibility issues to their professor, or consult their Program Coordinator to discuss disability-related issues confidentially.

Learning Strategist

Our Learning Strategist is a knowledgeable professional who will work with students to help make the most of their McMaster academic experience. Students can consult their SAS Program Coordinator to book an appointment with the Learning Strategist.

Students entering Learning Strategist support via SWC Academic Skills Counselling will be referred back to an SAS Program Coordinator to ensure that a full range of support is explored.

The learning strategist provides one-on-one support related to:

  • Writing skills
  • The writing process & structure of essays
  • Study strategies & techniques
  • Time management & organizational skills
  • Technology to support learning
  • Motivation

Assistive Technologist

SAS provides assistive technology information support to assist students with:

  • Access to up-to-date technologies, assessment, and training to assist students with their learning needs
  • Accessing campus technologies
  • Understanding web accessibility
  • Appropriate SAS and bursary technology recommendations
  • Prospective vendors for the purchase of appropriate technology

Students can book an appointment with an Assistive Technologist by consulting their SAS Program Coordinator.

Academic Accommodations

SAS offers students who may require accommodations assistance with their learning needs. Students must meet each year with their Program Coordinator to review academic accommodations, and ensure that they are up to date. To arrange academic accommodations, contact SAS to make an appointment. For more information, see our instructions on How to Set Up Accommodations.

Test and Exam Administration

SAS offers assistance in the administration of in-class tests and exams. Students and their Program Coordinators will review test and exam procedures at the start of each term. Sufficient notice must be given to arrange the date, time, location, and accommodations for test and exam bookings.

For more information, see the page on how to book a test.

Notetaking Program

Some students may need assistance with access to lecture notes. SAS offers support to assist students with the acquisition of lecture notes. The need for assistance with notetaking is assessed in consultation with Program Coordinators at the beginning of each academic year, or term. Students may also volunteer to be notetakers for other students.

SAS Events

SAS hosts events throughout the school year to create opportunities for fun, relaxation, and learning. Visit the events page for more details.


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