Graduate Accommodations

Important Note

  • If you have been accommodated as an undergraduate student previously at McMaster, you must contact SAS to arrange academic accommodations as a graduate student differently from the undergraduate process.

Activating Accommodations

  • If not already done, you must make an appointment with your SAS Program Coordinator to advise that you are now a graduate student and require accommodations.
  • You may be requested to provide updated medical information, should it be necessary.
  • You should work with your SAS Program Coordinator to determine academic accommodations for your new graduate program of study, which may be different from those required at the undergraduate level.
  • Upon review of your accommodations, your SAS Program Coordinator will communicate your academic accommodation needs to the appropriate faculty administrators within your program and School of Graduate Studies.
  • Upon approval of accommodations, your academic program department should communicate your accommodation needs with instructors and all other persons involved in the academic environment.
  • For course accommodations it is critical that you follow-up with each course instructor individually to ensure that they have received your accommodation information and to discuss the details related to the the implementation of those accommodations. *
  • For all other program requirements (research, thesis defence, comprehensive exams, etc) you must discuss with your SAS Program Coordinator details related to degree components to ensure they are appropriately accommodated and applied.

Last Updated: June 11 2019