SAS Volunteer Notetaker Service Information for Instructors

Important Notes

  • Because of their disability, some students may experience difficulty in taking class notes independently, or may not be able to take notes at all, thus their need to access the SAS Volunteer Notetaking Service.
  • You can assist by including a request on course syllabi for volunteer notetakers to register on the SAS website.
  • You may also make notes available to the entire class after lecture online, through Avenue to Learn. Please refer to the MacPherson Institute for more information about universal instructional curriculum design.
  • In some instances SAS may be in touch with you to discuss or confirm the presence of a SAS assigned notetaker to your class. In these circumstances, it may be necessary for you to ensure that there is a seat in the class available to the assigned notetaker.
  • In courses where you either provide notes to the full class (e.g. via Avenue to Learn, or another course management platform) or your course is podcasted, there should be no need for a notetaker.
  • In situations where there should be no need for a notetaker, yet you receive an auto-generated email request from SAS seeking a notetaker, please contact indicating:
    • Your course already provides notes or is podcasted therefore a notetaker should not be required
    • Course subject and code (e.g. ANTHRO 2X03)
    • Your name (instructor)
    • Please be kind in your correspondence (as the SAS system is an automated system, which is student initiated)

Notetaking Options

  • Students with disabilities may need one or more of the following accommodation options to assist with accessing the full content of a lecture, tutorial, seminar, or any other learning environment:
    • Recording lectures with a digital recorder.
    • Providing copies of overhead slides, PowerPoint slides, and/or handouts in advance of lecture.
    • Offering lecture outlines online before class.
    • Recruiting volunteer notetakers through class announcements or online.

Recruiting Notetakers

  • To recruit student volunteers as notetakers in a class, SAS can provide information on an overhead, a PowerPoint slide or a PDF version.
  • For other formats, please email

Last Updated: October 31 2019