Recording Lectures Information for Instructors

Important Notes

  • It is important to be aware that if a student has recording lectures as an accommodation, a student should have every right to do so unimpeded.
  • Only where recording a lecture would violate essential requirements of a course, could a possible denial of this accommodation occur.
  • If recording a lecture is denied as an accommodation, it is your (the instructor) obligation to demonstrate the validity of that denial.
  • In any case where a denial of recording is communicated to a student, it is your (the instructor) obligation to provide reasonable alternatives to recording in a way that would not impede a student’s ability to learn, or have access to the same learning opportunities as all other students in your course.

Activating the Recording Lectures Accommodation

  • When you review student’s accommodations online and see “record lectures” as an accommodation, you may want to reach out to the student to discuss this accommodation in more detail.
  • It is important, as part of the discussion, to ensure the student fully understands their obligations to use the recording only for their own learning in the course.
  • It is equally important for the student to know that they are not at liberty to disseminate any recording in any way for use of any other person, or any other student in your class, without your expressed consent.
  • It is important that when conducting your lecture, and in knowing that you are being recorded, it is very helpful to be as clear and articulate in your presentation as is possible including providing description of any visual-type content.
  • Where any concerns arise with regard to recording lectures, it is important that you speak with the student’s SAS Program Coordinator.
  • With advances in technology there are a variety of ways in which a student may be able to record lectures which may not be immediately obvious to you as the instructor.
  • If a student has recording lectures as an accommodation, they may do so with the use of a mobile device, a synchronized recording pen, or a synchronized recording while typing notes on a laptop.
  • In situations where you (the instructor) post comprehensive notes (not just a PowerPoint presentation) for the full class, recording lectures may not be necessary, but cannot always be considered sufficient.

Last Updated: October 8 2019