Recording Lectures Information for Instructors

Recording & Student SAS Accommodation Plans

This section on recording lectures applies to any student who needs to record a whole lecture or series of lectures in class as an accommodation.

  • You (The instructor) maintain ownership of your lecture.
  • If a student needs to record a whole lecture or a series of lectures as part of an accommodation plan due to a disability, then such accommodations should be requested through Student Accessibility Services and once approved, discussed with their instructor. 
  • Without SAS approved accommodation, the recording of lectures, and/or the sharing of such recordings, is not allowed, with the exception of recording a portion of a lecture for personal study (unless that recording falls within one of the other exceptions in the Copyright Act).
  • If a student does not obtain SAS approved accommodations to record an instructor’s lecture and intend to record a portion of their lecture, it is strongly recommended that they obtain the instructor’s permission first.
  • What students say during a lecture might be recorded by the instructor or another student without their knowledge. This could result in personal information being recorded.
  • Students should speak with their instructor if they have any privacy concerns about others recording a lecture or tutorial in which they will be taking part.
  • Students are not obligated to inform anyone in the class other than their instructor that they need to record the instructor’s lecture(s) due to their disability or that such accommodation is a part of their accommodation plan.
  • Recorded lecture material may be used for the student’s own learning purposes only. No recorded content can be shared with any other person (i.e., classmates, friends, any other person, or uploaded to the Internet) at any time for any purpose, and specifically not without agreement by the instructor or TA.

Activating the Recording Lectures Accommodation

  1. If a student needs to record lectures as an accommodation, they must first discuss the need for this accommodation with their SAS Program Coordinator.
  2. If a student has recording lectures as an accommodation, it is essential that they discuss this accommodation with every instructor for each of their classes at the beginning of the term, to ensure that any concerns relating to recording lectures can be addressed.
  3. There may be a variety of methods by which recording a lecture (and subsequently composing lecture notes) can be done. Students may discuss options with their SAS Program Coordinator or ask for a referral to the SAS Assistive Technologist to consider alternatives.

University Policy

For further information on McMaster’s copyright and recording Policy please see:

Last Updated: July 23 2021