Library Accessibility Services

Important Notes

Alternative Text Formats

How to Get Alternative Texts

  1. Contact LAS by phone or email as soon as possible, as the conversion process can take time to complete.
  2. Purchase your textbooks and keep your receipts. There is no extra charge for alternate format material. Textbooks can come from online stores such as Amazon. LAS is able to convert the ebook version of a textbook into alternate formats. Used textbooks may be purchased from a bookstore. LAS is unable to accept receipts from other students.
  3. It is your responsibility to pick up alternate format texts from LAS in a timely way, once you have been notified by LAS that the alternate format you have requested is available.
  4. It is important to remember that some textbooks can take a while to convert, so it is okay to contact LAS once in a while to check on the status of your alternate text, after it has been requested.

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Last Updated: November 7 2019