Recording Lectures

Recording & Your SAS Accommodation Plan

This section on recording lectures applies to any student who needs to record a whole lecture or series of lectures in class as an accommodation.

How to Activate Your Recording of Lectures Accommodation

  1. If you need to record lectures as an accommodation, you must first discuss the need for this accommodation with your SAS Program Coordinator.
  2. If you have recording lectures as an accommodation, it is essential that you discuss this accommodation with every instructor for each of your classes at the beginning of the term, to ensure that any concerns relating to recording lectures can be addressed.
  3. There may be a variety of methods by which recording a lecture (and subsequently composing your own lecture notes) can be done. You may want to discuss options with your SAS Program Coordinator or ask for a referral to the SAS Assistive Technologist to consider your alternatives.

University Policy

For further information on McMaster’s copyright and recording Policy please see:

Last Updated: June 1 2021