Readers and Scribes

Important Notes

  • For the administration of tests or exams, there may be the need for a student to have a reader or a scribe to assist them with the completion of a test or exam.
  • SAS has a supply of generalist readers and scribes to assist with test or exam administration.
  • At times, some students require the assistance of a knowledgeable reader or scribe (someone who has specific language knowledge of a subject for technical reasons).
  • Where a student requires the accommodation of a reader or scribe, a student’s accommodation letter will specify whether a student requires a reader/scribe or a knowledgeable reader/scribe.
  • A reader or scribe is intended to assist with the completion of a test or exam only. A reader or scribe should in no way provide to a student any cues related to the content of a test or exam through their assistance.

Generalist Reader or Scribe

  • Where a student has the accommodation of a reader or scribe as part of their accommodation letters, there should be no action required on the part of you (as an instructor), for making any arrangements.
  • In these situations SAS will assign one of their generalist readers or scribes to assist a student with their test administration.

Knowledgeable Reader or Scribe

  • If a student has as part of their accommodation, a knowledgeable reader or scribe, it will be the responsibility of you (as instructor) to assist SAS in the supply of a knowledgeable reader or scribe for a test or exam.
  • In situations where a knowledgeable reader or scribe is necessary, SAS (Test/Exam Coordinator) should reach out to you via email to advise of the need on a per test or exam basis.
  • You should respond to SAS advising of who the knowledgeable reader or scribe will be for a specific test.
  • The knowledgeable reader or scribe is often, but not limited to, a tutor, graduate student, or upper-level student.
  • Your academic department will be responsible for underwriting the cost, should there be any, of the knowledgeable reader or scribe.

Last Updated: December 10 2019