Student Accessibility Services offers various supports for students with disabilities. We work with full-time and part-time students, as well as prospective students. Student Accessibility Services is offered to students with disabilities to assist with academic and disability-related needs, providing a number of supports, including:

Academic Accommodation Plans

SAS will work with students to develop an appropriate academic accommodation plan as it relates to their disability-related needs and their program of study and degree requirements. Students should meet with their Program Coordinator typically once per year following completion of their initial accommodation plan to review and update their file as necessary. Students may be requested to provide updated documentation from time to time as may be necessary. For more information, see our instructions on How to Set Up Accommodations.

Learning Strategies

One-on-One Support:

SAS provides learning strategies support to students to assist with academic preparation, study skills and other strategies to enhance learning, and disability-related needs. In some instances strategies may be supported through the use of adaptive technologies. Referral to the Learnings Strategist can be made by the student’s Program Coordinator.

Online Assistance:

Learn2Learn is an optional academic skills course available to all students registered with SAS. Modules include: lecture skills, motivation, organization, studying, reading, writing, presentation skills, and clinical education. If this course does not appear when logging onto Avenue to Learn, submit an activation request to our Learning Strategist.

Additional Assistance:

The Student Success Centre also provides academic skills support and tools for effective learning strategies.

Assistive Technologies

SAS provides assistive technology support to students. Our technologist will help students to explore a range of solutions available to assist with accessing information, studying, and completing academic work. Types of supports may include training on software and hardware, and adapting technology to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Referral to the Assistive Technologist can be made by the student’s Program Coordinator.

Test and Exam Administration

SAS offers assistance in the administration of in-class tests and exams. Students must consult with their instructors regarding test accommodations and will be responsible for arranging the scheduling of their tests with SAS. Sufficient notice must be given to arrange the date, time, location, and accommodations for test and exam bookings. For more information, see our page on How to Book a Test.

Notetaking Service

SAS offers a volunteer notetaking service to assist students with the acquisition of lecture notes. Access to notetaking services should be determined in consultation with a Program Coordinator as part of an academic accommodation plan. The notetaking service is intended to supplement a student’s own notes, not as a replacement for class attendance. For more information, visit our Notetaking Service page.

Transition Program

SAS views a student’s transition in the broadest possible context. As such, we offer supports to students as they enter McMaster, work through their studies and transition out to employment and post graduate education. For more information on supports and activities visit our Transition Program page.

SAS Events

As part of our Transition Program, SAS offers events throughout the school year to create opportunities for learning and sociability. Visit the Events page for more details.

Online Services Outage July 18th

Online services including: Schedule an in-class test, mid-term or quiz; Book an Appointment; Course Notes etc.; unavailable between 2:15pm and 4pm on Thursday July 18th.

New SAS Site

SAS will be launching a redesigned website by the end of the summer.

Crisis Resources

Are you in crisis? You don’t have to deal with it alone—there are people here that can help.