Statement on Virtual Learning Requests

The University is committed to maintaining a vibrant intellectual community and environment where students can work closely with world-class faculty members, engage in in-person classroom discussions and receive hands-on training in labs, studios and other specialized projects. We expect students to actively participate in in-person classes, which will require regular attendance on campus.

July 19, 2022

The University also recognizes its obligation to reasonably accommodate students who qualify for accommodations, in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code and applicable McMaster policies. Such accommodations are subject to the essential requirements of courses and programs, which regularly include requirements to attend in-person classes, labs, tests and exams.

Requests for academic accommodations are individually assessed on a course-by-course and term-by-term basis. A complex accommodation assessment, including requests for virtual learning accommodations, can take significant time. Students must communicate their requests in advance to allow SAS and the University to assess, determine and, where approved, implement accommodations. 

Our aim is to provide academic accommodations to facilitate engagement and participation in the course activities in a meaningful way. The University recognizes that accommodations can take many different forms, and there is often a spectrum of accommodation options available that fulfill the duty to accommodate. There may be multiple options to reasonably accommodate in a given context, and these may include options such as deferred enrolment, withdrawal from a course or the use of enhanced personal protective equipment (PPE).

Refer to McMaster Academic Accommodations of Students with Disabilities Policy for further information about academic accommodation requests.

Helpful tips for students

We ask students to refer to Mosaic and the course outline for mode of instruction and course delivery. This will help to inform your course planning and registration. Please contact your Faculty academic advisors for assistance to identify the course design and delivery methods that meet your learning needs.