Our Mission

We provide compassionate, individualized, student accessibility services for students with disabilities with an integrated support structure, including the facilitation of academic accommodations, programming and support services. 

Our Priorities

Transforming the student accessibility services (SAS) experience through exemplary service and support.

Our Values

Our Vision

Assisting students with disabilities to reach their full potential with a service that aims for students to experience full participation, independence, empowerment and equality.  

Philosophy of Service

Student Accessibility Services operates within a framework where persons with disabilities function independently, taking charge of their accommodations and communicating directly with instructors and all other persons involved in the academic environment. SAS strongly believes that students who take responsibility for their disability-related needs on campus, are better able to take forward throughout their lifetime, the skills and abilities developed through this approach. SAS will provide support and guidance to students in this pursuit, and will communicate with the McMaster community regarding the university’s role in this process.

Statement About Conduct

Student Accessibility Services operates in a place where points of view and personal conduct are expressed within an open and accepting environment. In this process SAS fully respects the right to opinion and expression of thoughts and ideas. Equally, all persons seeking support or assistance from SAS should demonstrate a high degree of  dignity, respect, and consideration for SAS staff and all other persons visiting or using SAS services.

Statement on Confidentiality

SAS take confidentiality and privacy of student information seriously. Personal or disability-related information shall not be shared with any other person, unless as part of your academic accommodation process. For any information beyond what is academic accommodation related shall only be shared with your expressed consent. Direct contact with parents on accommodation-related matters will take place only with your expressed consent.

Diversity Statement

Student Accessibility Services is committed to respecting, supporting, and celebrating the diversity of all people within the McMaster University community. Through the provision of academic accommodation-related supports, SAS will strive to meet the needs of all members of the campus community regardless of life experience or background. SAS aspires to be a comfortable and welcoming place where our service is safe and affirming.

Inclusion Statement

Student Accessibility Services believes that all persons with disabilities have a meaningful place in everyday life and most particularly the McMaster University campus community. SAS promotes this inclusion through its work and contributions. Through its efforts, persons, and in particular students with disabilities, help to make the McMaster community a richer and more valued place for all.

McMaster Accessibility Hub

The McMaster University Accessibility Hub is a collaborative endeavour amongst a number of departments and groups taking shared responsibility to advance the University’s 3rd strategic goal of “building an inclusive community“. This website aims to be a one-stop-shop for all things related to accessibility at McMaster University.

Visit the McMaster Accessibility Hub.

Last Updated: February 22 2021