Test/Exam Accommodations

Virtual On-line Proctoring

If you have questions about how your academic accommodations may be accommodated in the virtual on-line proctoring environment, please contact sastests@mcmaster.ca

Winter Term Academic Accommodation Process:

  1. Activate your accommodations
  2. Test/midterms accommodations require at least 5 working business days for implementation. Please activate your accommodations immediately if you plan to use accommodations for tests and midterms.
  3. Final exam schedule will be set up by the Office of Registrar. Please review Mosaic Exam Timetable for updates.   
  4. Contact your SAS Program Coordinator for any additional questions regarding your academic accommodation plan.

Winter Exam Checklist for SAS Students

Exams are approaching fast! If you need academic accommodations for final exams, please activate your accommodation plan or book an appointment to see a program coordinator at the Student Accessibility Services before April 7th 2021. To activate accommodations, follow these steps:

  1. Please activate your exam accommodations before Wednesday, April 7, 2021. 
  2. Your SAS Program Coordinator is happy to chat if you have any questions about your academic accommodation plan.
  3. Refer to our website about how our process had changed during COVID-19. Have more questions? Please email sas@mcmaster.ca to talk to a staff member.

We wish you good luck as you study and prepare for exams!

Please note that this is an interim solution to support both students and instructors with accommodated tests.  We welcome your feedback as we work to review and refine our processes of administering accommodated tests in a remote learning environment. For questions related to SAS services, please email sas@mcmaster.ca or call (905) 525-9140 ext. 28652 and select “Option 1” to speak to the SAS reception.