Personal Belongings Protocol (Tests and Exams)

  1. Students are permitted to retain in their possession while writing a test or exam only those instruments (pens, pencils, authorized calculator, etc.)  for completion of a test or exam, AND only those items approved as an accommodation (e.g. food, drink, medical aids, memory / formula sheet, etc.);
  2. Students are not permitted to keep with them any personal  possessions when writing a test or exam; 
  3. All electronic technology must be turned off, even when not in possession when writing (e.g. cell phones, tablet PCs, etc.);
  4. All personal possessions must be either kept outside the writing  room location or where stowing personal possessions outside the writing space is not possible all personal possessions must be  kept clearly out of reach  while writing;
  5. Where a student needs to turn over to invigilation staff any personal possessions for safe-keeping the invigilator will provide to the student a receipt identifying the item so that the student may retrieve the item(s) from the invigilator upon submission of the completed test or exam;
  6. Any student using a mobility device such as wheelchair and or walker must detach all personal objects (e.g.  backpacks, pouches) and stow them away per the requirements of this protocol;
  7. Where a student is unable to detach personal possessions (e.g. Backpack, pouch) from their mobility device (e.g. walker, wheel chair) they must remove from the pack or pouch the contents stowing them in a separate sealed bag placing it out of reach per this protocol. Where necessary, SAS invigilation staff can provide to a student a clear plastic bag to stow and seal their personal possessions;
  8. Where a student requires access to their personal items when using the washroom they may take the pouch containing those items when leaving to use the washroom.  Upon return the pouch or its contents must again be stowed according to this protocol;
  9. The invigilator will check on all students regularly during the test to ensure no unauthorized materials are on the desk.
  10. Invigilator will complete an incident report if necessary and document in CW any incident.  Invigilator will follow up with Test/Exam Coordinator if an incident occurs.

Last Updated: August 9 2019