Washroom Protocol (Test and Exams)

The following protocol will apply to any student that requests to use the washroom during a test/exam.

  1. Students are to advise the invigilator when a washroom break is needed.
  2. Prior to the student departing for the washroom, the invigilator is to confirm that all content and materials pertaining to the test are left behind at the student’s desk.
  3. The invigilator will document in Clockwork what time the student left and returned.
  4. Where there are frequent washroom visits by a student during a single test or exam the student’s SAS Program Coordinator will be advised of the matter so that such issues can be addressed where necessary.
  5. Where a student does not have a washroom break as a specific accommodation, it will be increasingly important that the matter of washroom breaks be addressed with the student’s SAS Program Coordinator for follow up with the student as necessary.
  6. Within 10 to 15 minutes following the student’s return from the washroom the invigilator will check in on the student to ensure there are no unauthorized materials at the student’s desk
  7. The invigilator will complete an incident report, and report to the Test/Exam Coordinator if there are any issues and or unauthorized materials found while the student is writing their test.
  8. Where unauthorized materials are detected by the invigilator any report regarding such a finding is to be submitted to the Test/Exam Coordinator who will forward to the necessary individuals course instructor, the academic integrity officer of the University, and to the student’s  SAS Program Coordinator for the student file. Where necessary the matter may also need to be brought to the attention of the SAS Director.

Last Updated: August 9 2019